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Crestron® 3-Series® Automation Processor Assembly

Model #: CLX-DIN-AP3-HUB

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Crestron®3-Series® Automation Processor Assembly with Hub for CAEN, CAEN-MLO, and CAENIB automation enclosures

WarningProposition 65 Warning for California Residents
Crestron® 3-Series® Automation Processor Assembly


Ethernet PortYes
USB PortYes
Connector TypeTerminal Blocks

General Specs

Depth (in.)3
Width (in.)14
Height (in.)7.41
Product Weight (lbs.)2.7

Crestron® 3-Series® Automation Processor Assembly

Model #: CLX-DIN-AP3-HUB
Model #: CLX-DIN-AP3-HUB

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At a Glance

Crestron®3-Series® Automation Processor Assembly with Hub for CAEN, CAEN-MLO, and CAENIB automation enclosures

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Provides a 3-Series Control System® solution for CAEN, CAEN-MLO, or CAENIB Automation Enclosures. Available with or without a Cresnet® hub.The Crestron® CLX-DIN-AP3 provides a 3-Series Control System® designed for use with a CAEN, CAEN-MLO, or CAENIB Automation Enclosure. Two models are available. The CLX-DIN-AP3 includes a DIN-AP3 3-Series® Automation Processor and DIN-PWS30-277 30 Watt Cresnet® Power Supply prewired and mounted together on a CAEN-UMP1X2 Mounting Plate. Model CLX-DIN-AP3-HUB includes the DIN-AP3 and DIN-PWS30-277, and adds a DIN-HUB Cresnet Distribution Hub. For additional details, refer to the individual spec sheet for each product listed above.

3-Series® Control Systems

    Today's commercial buildings and custom homes comprise more technology than ever before, and all these systems need to be networked, managed, and controlled in fundamentally new ways. The IP based 3-Series platform is engineered from the ground up to deliver a network-grade server appliance capable of faithfully handling everything from lighting and shading control to total building management.

    3-Series embodies a distinctively robust, dynamic, and secure platform to elevate your system designs to higher levels of performance and reliability. Compared to other control systems, Crestron 3-Series provides a pronounced increase in processing power and speed with more memory, rock solid networking and IP control, and a unique modular programming architecture.

Modular Programming Architecture

    Designed for enhanced scalability, the CLX-DIN-AP3 affords high-speed, real-time multi-tasking to seamlessly run multiple programs simultaneously. This exclusive modular programming architecture lets programmers independently develop and run device-specific programs for lighting, shades, HVAC, security, AV, etc., allowing for the optimization of each program, and allowing changes to be made to one program without affecting the whole. Even as your system grows, processing resources can easily be shifted from one 3-Series processor to another without rewriting any code. The end benefit is dramatically simplified upgradability with minimal downtime, whether implementing changes on site or remotely via the network.

Robust Ethernet & IP Control

    IP technology is the heart of 3-Series, so it should be no surprise that its networking abilities are second to none. High-speed Ethernet connectivity enables integration with IP-controllable devices and allows the CLX-DIN-AP3 to be part of a larger managed control network. Whether residing on a sensitive corporate LAN, a home network, or accessing the Internet through a cable modem, the CLX-DIN-AP3 provides secure, reliable interconnectivity with IP-enabled touch screens, computers, mobile devices, video displays, media servers, security systems, lighting, HVAC, and other equipment — whether on premises or across the globe.

Control Apps & XPanel

    Years ago, Crestron pioneered the world's first IP-based control system unleashing vast new possibilities for controlling, monitoring, and managing integrated systems over a LAN, WAN, and the Internet. Today, Crestron offers more ways than ever to control your world the way you want. Using a computer, smartphone, or tablet device, Crestron lets you control anything in your home or workplace from anywhere in the world.Native to every 3-Series control system, Crestron XPanel technology transforms any laptop or desktop computer into a virtual Crestron touch screen. Crestron control apps deliver the Crestron touch screen experience to iPhone®, iPad®, and Android™ devices, letting you safely monitor and control your entire residence or commercial facility using the one device that goes with you everywhere.

Crestron Fusion® Cloud

    Crestron Fusion Cloud provides an integrated platform for creating truly smart buildings that save energy, enhance worker productivity, and prolong the life-span of valuable equipment. As part of a complete managed network in a corporate enterprise, college campus, convention center, or any other facility, the CLX-DIN-AP3 works integrally with Crestron Fusion Cloud to enable remote scheduling, monitoring, and control of rooms and technology from a central help desk. It also enables organizations to reduce energy consumption by tracking real-time usage and automating control of lighting, shades, and HVAC.

Astronomical Time Clock Feature

    Scheduled events may be programmed on the CLX-DIN-AP3 according to an astronomical time clock. As a result, events can be set to occur at specific times or at an offset from sunrise or sunset.

SNMP Support

    Built-in SNMP support enables integration with third-party IT management software, allowing network administrators to manage and control Crestron systems on the network in an IT-friendly format.


    Cresnet provides a dependable network wiring solution for Crestron keypads, lighting controls, shade motors, thermostats, occupancy sensors, and other devices that don't require the higher speed of Ethernet. The Cresnet bus offers easy wiring and configuration, carrying bidirectional communication and 24VDC power to each device over a simple 4-conductor cable. To assist with troubleshooting, the CLX-DIN-AP3 includes our patent-pending Network Analyzer which continuously monitors the integrity of the Cresnet network for wiring faults, marginal performance, and other errors.

Cresnet Hub

    By itself, the CLX-DIN-AP3 supports approximately 20 typical Cresnet devices. For larger systems with up to 80 devices, use the CLX-DIN-AP3-HUB, which includes a 3-segment Cresnet hub.

Cresnet Power Supply

    A 30 Watt Cresnet Power Supply is included to provide power for the DIN-AP3 and DIN-HUB, plus a limited number of additional Cresnet devices. Refer to the specifications for details on the amount of Cresnet power available. The power supply provides compatibility for both 120 and 230 Volt AC systems.

Onboard Control Ports

    In addition to Ethernet, the CLX-DIN-AP3 includes a variety of control ports for interfacing with third-party equipment. Its two bidirectional COM ports and four IR ports allow for interfacing with security systems, small appliances, and AV devices. Four programmable relay ports are provided for controlling projection screens, lifts, power controllers, and other contact-closure actuated equipment. Eight "Versiport" I/O ports enable the integration of power sensors, motion detectors, door switches, alarms, or anything else that provides a dry contact closure, low-voltage logic, or 0-10 Volt DC signal.


    Native support for the BACnet/IP communication protocol provides a direct interface to third-party building management systems over Ethernet, simplifying integration with HVAC, security, fire & life safety, voice & data, lighting, shades, and other systems. Using BACnet/IP, each system runs independently with the ability to communicate together on one platform for a truly smart building.

Key Features

    A prewired 3-Series® automation processor assembly for CAEN Series enclosures

    3-Series Control Engine — substantially faster and more powerful than other control systems

    Exclusive modular programming architecture

    Programmable astronomical time clock for scheduled events

    Onboard 256MB RAM & 4GB Flash memory

    Memory card slot

    Industry-standard Ethernet and Cresnet® wired communications

    XPanel with Smart Graphics™ computer and web based control

    iPhone®, iPad®, and Android™ control app support

    Crestron Fusion® Cloud Enterprise Management Service support

    SNMP remote management support

    Two RS-232/422/485 COM ports with hardware and software handshaking

    Four IR/serial, four relay, and eight Versiport I/O ports

    Native BACnet™/IP support 

    Installer setup via Crestron Toolbox™ software or web browser

    C#, symbol based, and drag-and-drop programming environments

    Full Unicode (multi-language) support

    Increased network throughput and security

    Secure access through full user/group management or Active Directory integration

    Hardware level security using 802.1X authentication

    TLS, SSL, SSH, and SFTP network security protocols

    FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption

    IIS v.6.0 Web Server

    IPv6 ready

    Front panel USB computer console port

    30 Watts universal Cresnet power supply

    Optional 3-segment Cresnet hub

    Designed for mounting inside a CAEN, CAEN-MLO, or CAENIB enclosure


General Specs

Depth (in.)3
Width (in.)14
Height (in.)7.41
Product Weight (lbs.)2.7


Ethernet Port:Yes
USB Port:Yes
Connector Type:Terminal Blocks
WarningProposition 65 Warning for California Residents