Home Theater

Maximize your home entertainment experience with exciting solutions from Classic Stereo.

Transform any room into a true home theater, complete with stadium seating, precision audio, and a screen the size of your wall. If you prefer a simpler approach consider upgrading your living room with a high definition flat panel TV and surround sound. Television will never be the same with the ability to record, pause and rewind live broadcasts. Let Classic Stereo personalize your home entertainment experience.

Classic Stereo's goal in home theater is to create a room devoted to the experience of picture and sound. The planning and engineering of projection systems, audio systems, seating, acoustics, and room design are optimized to convey the full power of a filmmaker's artistic vision. We provide a variety of options in building your home theater vision:

  • Room Construction
  • Seating Type and Configuration
  • Row Height and Spacing
  • Acoustical Treatments
  • Ambient Noise Control
  • Ambient Light Control
  • Room Light Control
  • Equipment & Speaker Placement

Media Room

If you are looking for a more casual atmosphere than a home theater, consider a media or recreation room featuring multiple TVs, a ceiling projector, and complete surround sound.