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Crestron® DigitalMedia™ Card Interface

Model #: DMCI
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Crestron® DigitalMedia™ Card Interface with a streaming decoder and audio embedding
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A very handy and versatile tool for enabling a variety of interface and control capabilities using DMC Series input cards.

The Crestron® DMCI is a compact device designed to support a variety of interface functions using any DMC-Series DM® Switcher Input Card. With a complete range of input cards available, the DMCI can be used to convert virtually any type of AV signal to HDMI®. It can be used to equip an HDMI switcher to accept other types of inputs, or it can be used to add an HDMI output to an analog AV switcher. It can even be used to create a custom DigitalMedia™ receiver or streaming decoder. Integration with a Crestron control system via Cresnet® allows detailed AV signal information to be viewed on a touch screen, and allows for the routing of CEC signals. The DMCI can be rack-mounted, placed on a shelf, or attached under a table.

Analog AV to HDMI Converter

  • All DMC input cards are equipped with HDMI outputs, making them ideal for converting other AV signal types to HDMI. Just slide an appropriate card into the DMCI and you’re ready to convert analog video and audio signals to high-quality digital. A range of input cards is offered to support composite, S-Video, component, RGB, and VGA video sources. In particular, the DMC-VGA input card handles all these signal types, and includes advanced video processing with 36 bit video sampling for a true high-end convertor solution.

DVI or SDI to HDMI Converter

  • HDMI has become the digital AV interface of choice for all types of applications, surpassing other digital formats like DVI and SDI. Still, as long as DVI and SDI equipment persists, it can easily be supported using the DMCI with a DMC-DVI or DMC-SDI input card to convert everything to HDMI.

Streaming Decoder

  • Used with a DMC-STR streaming input card, the DMCI can be used as a high-definition H.264 streaming receiver, enabling a display device, AV receiver, or HDMI switcher to receive streaming signals from IP cameras, DM switchers, and other streaming sources.

DigitalMedia or HDBaseT® Receiver

  • Loaded with any DigitalMedia input card, such as the DMC-4K-C, the DMCI offers a rack-mountable DM or HDBaseT receiver solution that’s perfect for installation in an equipment rack or AV cart, or as a portable display interface. DigitalMedia allows for the distribution of uncompressed HD and 4K signals over a choice of CAT type twisted pair or fiber optic cable. DigitalMedia also enables compatibility with other HDBaseT certified equipment.

Audio Embedding

  • HDMI transports both video and audio through a single connection, providing the simplest possible interface between any two AV devices. For sources with other types of outputs, or for systems with completely separate video and audio components, the DMCI offers the ability to merge disparate video and audio signals into a single HDMI output. For example, DVI can be merged with stereo analog audio using the DMC-DVI card, or component video can be merged with SPDIF audio using the DMC-VID-RCA-D card.

Audio Extracting & Downmixing

  • Most digital input cards in the DMC series, including HDMI, SDI, H.264, and DigitalMedia models, are equipped with an analog audio output, allowing a stereo audio signal to be extracted from the digital stream and fed to a sound system or a pair of powered speakers. All models with the “-DSP” suffix include built-in surround sound decoding and downmixing to enable the output of multichannel and stereo audio signals simultaneously. The stereo downmix signal is automatically routed to the analog output, while the HDMI output can be configured to output either stereo or multichannel. The analog output volume on all DMC cards is adjustable via a control system using a keypad, touch screen, handheld remote, or mobile device.

EDID Extractor

  • Do you need to know all the details about an AV signal, like its video resolution, frame-rate, color depth, and audio format? Through its Cresnet connection to a control system, the DMCI can report information about any connected signal, allowing that information to be viewed on a touch screen or used for other programmable functionality.

CEC Embedded Device Control

  • The DMCI can provide an alternative to conventional IR and RS-232 control methods by harnessing the CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) signal embedded in HDMI. Through its connection to a control system, the DMCI can provide a gateway for controlling many devices right through their HDMI or HDBaseT connections, potentially eliminating the need for any dedicated control wires or IR emitters.

USB HID Mouse/Keyboard Extender

  • Select DMC input cards feature a USB HID device port, which may be used to control the connected computer (or other USB HID-compliant host) using a mouse and/or keyboard at a remote location. A DM receiver or transmitter with a USB HID host port is required at the remote location. Both devices must be connected to an Ethernet LAN for transmission of the USB HID signal.

Under-Table or Rack-Mountable

  • The DMCI is housed in a compact metal enclosure that can be placed on a shelf, attached under a table, or mounted in a 19” equipment rack. Its 1RU half-width form factor allows it to fit in a single rack-space alongside a second DMCI or other 1RU half-width Crestron device.
  • Please refer to the individual spec sheet for each available DMC Series input card to determine its actual capabilities and specifications. Also note, the DMCI is only compatible with DMC input cards, not output cards.
  • Please refer to the DigitalMedia Resources Webpage at for additional design tools and reference documents.

Key Features

  • Provides a configurable interface solution using DMC Series input cards
  • Enables analog AV to HDMI® conversion
  • Enables DVI or SDI to HDMI conversion
  • Provides a rack-mountable streaming decoder
  • Provides a rack-mountable DM® or HDBaseT® receiver
  • Allows embedding analog or SPDIF audio with analog or DVI video
  • Allows extracting analog audio from HDMI, SDI, H.264, HDBaseT, or DM
  • Allows downmixing multichannel surround sound to stereo
  • Allows extracting EDID and reporting AV format information to a control system
  • Enables control of HDMI and HDBaseT devices via CEC
  • Enables USB HID mouse/keyboard extension over Ethernet
  • Integrates with a Crestron® control system via Cresnet®
  • Powered via the Cresnet network or a Cresnet power supply
  • Single-space, half-width 19-inch rack-mountable 
  • Under-table mountable 


Connector Type:HDMI Out; HDMI In; USB HID; RCA Audio Out



Misc. Specs

Depth (in.)9.97
Width (in.)7.07
Height (in.)1.7
Amount Of Lan Ports1
Product Weight (lbs.)2.7000
WarningProposition 65 Warning for California Residents